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IES Certification

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  • 6. 4. 2010: school, as an educational institution,obtained the international certificate International Education Society – IES
  • quality certificate, level B ( degrees A, B, C, D), awarded by the international organization of the same name, that is  International Education Society Ltd., London – according the survey and checking of the education process of the school
  • since 31. 5. 2011 holder of the certification level "B"+
  • since 10. 4. 2012  holder certification, level "BB", which means, that this school is a quality education institution on a very good professional level.
  • since 24. 3. 2016  holder certificate, level "BBB", which means, that this school provides quality education, is highly erudite and a professionally kept institution.
  • As one of the few Pilsen region schools,, we fulfilled rather demanding criterions.
  • This quality certificate informs about the quality of education at Gymnázium, Stříbro, Soběslavova 1426, in educational branches  - eight-year grammar school and four-year business academy, in the international scale
  • if our students ask for certificate IES issuance (always in Czech and other language version), they gain an advantage at the job market in the CR, and especially at the job market abroad, as well as at applying for colleges, especially abroad
  • certificate IES for this school graduates is provided for the fee
  • this school, acquiring the international quality education certificate, as provided here, helps to fulfill the main goal of EU, articulated in Lisbon 2000: " To form the EU as the most competitive, most dynamic knowledge economic, able of the sustainable economic growth, with bigger number of better job positions, and with better social cohesion.“