Commercial academy specialised in entrepreneurship and tourist business

Commercial academy specialised in entrepreneurship and tourist business Die handelsakademie mit der spezialisierung für unternehmen und reiseverkehrdienste Коммерческое училище Các thông tin về ngành kinh doanh và du lịch Informace o OA

Characteristic of the studies

  • specialised education in the economy, tourism and services 
  • general education close to the studies at grammar school (especially languages) 
  • practical skills suitable for everyone (typing, computer literacy...) 

The studies focus on

  • adopting specific economic knowledge, tourism and services 
  • adopting basic and as well as more profound findings in humanities and natural history 
  • adopting specific skills in accounting and economic correspondence 

Placement of school-leavers

  • agent or manager at travel agencies, inquiry offices, hotel resorts 
  • accountant working for private companies 
  • manager of a small or middle-sized firm 
  • independent clerks at banks, insurance companies and building societies 
  • managers and tax advisers 
  • possibilities for further studies at universities 

Extra information

  • 4-year-long studies with the Final exams (Maturita) at the end 
  • the best students are allowed to take the state final exam from typing 
  • full-time students are provided with meals at the school canteen and even boarding 
  • subjects taught during studies: Czech language, two foreign languages, civics, history, geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, sports, economics, accounting, computing, business correspondence, typing, statistics, legal science, economic exercises, product evaluation 
  • foreign languages taught are: English and German 


commercial academy is a general secondary school focused on business and entrepreneurship, preparing students for a variety of activities concerned with a conduct of business and tourist industry