Eight-year grammar school

Study features

  • Deeper and enlarged studies of the 2nd stage of primary school
  • possibility of choice and studies of other optional subjects, from the class Sekunda
  • possibility of comeback to primary school
  • Possibility of leaving (after passing Kvarta) to another secondary school

Study specialization

  • to learn basic and deeper humaties and natural sciences knowledge
  • to gain practical language skills
  • to acquire creative abilities and skills
  • for preparation to study at all types of colleges
  • for development of aesthetician-educational activities

Application of students

  • Study at all types of colleges
  • post-maturita study at various forms of grammar school student studies
  • in case of passing the State Language Exam at foreign language (which will be offered to students, plus preparation for that), as language advisers

Complementerary information

  • Study is finished by the final – maturita exam
  • catering for students is directly at the building
  • in case of need – possible to ensure accommodation in DM SOŠ-youth hostel
  • as study of foreign languages – students will be offered to study English, German. Study of one global language, from Sekunda – another (the second) global language