Business Academy

What makes us different?

Besides a diferent and certainly wide offer of optional subjects (especially in the last classes), which increase the readiness of a graduate for the performance of practical trade.entreprening functions in production companies, firms, finances and possibility to find a job in the state and municipal offices, and in tourist services.

Character of study

  • professional education in tourism economy and services
  • general education relevant in grammar school (languages, especially)
  • practical skills useful for everybody pro každého (10 finger typing, PC work…)

Study specialization

  • acquire professional knowledge in tourist economics and services
  • acquire basic and deeper findings of humaties and nature science branches
  • acquire specific skills, important for keeping accountancy, trade communication …

Application of students

  • Staff or manager of tourist offices, agencies, tourist information centers, and hotel complexes
  • keeping management record of private enterpreneurs
  • running their own small and middle company
  • independent professional staff in banks, saving banks, exchange offices, and insurance companies
  • managers (at deeper studies as well tax advisers)
  • possible follow-up studies at all types of colleges

Complementary information:

  • Study is four-year, finished by the final exam, maturita
  • interested persons and best students may do the state exam at 10 finger typing
  • for students of daily studies, we provide catering in the school canteen, as well as possible accomodation in the youth home
  • list of subjects, studied: Czech language, first and second global language, Civics, History, Geography, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, PE, Company Economics, Accountancy, Computer Technology, Business Correspondence, Typing, Economic Theories, Statistics, Legal Theory, Economics Seminars, Commodity Analysis
  • taught languages – English, German

What are you going to learn? For example:

Economic Geography and Geography of tourism (HZG)

You will be able to:

  • understand the influence of area geography on implementation of tourism
  • ask geographical questions(eg. where and why something is placed, what are the causes and consequences)
  • orientate in maps
  • understand world division into economic centers and compare macroregions, states
  • learn from professional literature and other sources, relating to the tourism issue
  • orientate in actual political, economic, demographic and ecology situation of modern world and its parts

Applied economics (APE)

You will be able to:

  • establish and run a small and medium company, eg. Production company, travel office
  • apply findings of sale psychology when dealing with clients and trade partners, during purchase and sale of products and service, services in tourism
  • represent the company, and jointly form the company image
  • decide strategy and analytically in the team
  • organize class trip

Tourism Services (SCR)

You will be able to:

  • apply economic efficiency at tourism activities
  • act economically and according to enterprise ethics
  • use knowledge about enterprise, its forms and control in the area of tourism services
  • use knowledge about company activities in tourism
  • use various sources of information to complement their knowledge

Marketing and management of tourist trade (MCR)

You will be able to:

  • perform positions as managers of copanies, companies of tourism services
  • apply findings of sale psychology, when dealing with clients and trade partners
  • apply findings of psychology during purchase and sale of products and service, services in tourism
  • efficiently use marketing tools to make profit